PCOS Awareness Month: Let’s Work Together!

September is PCOS awareness month and the start of Spring here in Australia, so what better time is there than now for me to start making changes that are going to benefit my health and happiness?

I have written before about how PCOS has given me hormonal spots and how working indoors as a writer has had an impact on my mental health at times. My PCOS also gives me headaches which, as someone who didn’t really get them before, have become increasingly annoying and painful. I know that having PCOS can lead to you becoming insulin resistant and that it is harder to lose weight if you have it. Hormonal changes and initially being put on different medications for PCOS caused me to gain weight. Whilst I don’t particularly want to lose weight, I want to take control of my PCOS naturally.

I have read repeatedly that becoming gluten and dairy free are the biggest ways you can control PCOS symptoms like hormonal spots and headaches. I have also read that regular, low impact exercise rather than intense workouts has the best health benefits for people with PCOS.

With that in mind, I have decided to make some lifestyle changes. Jack and I have signed up to Steptember – a challenge to do 10,000 steps daily for the month of September. This will not only encourage me to get out more when I am writing, but will also provide me with the regular, low impact exercise I need. I would like to also try and be consistent with exercise like yoga and Pilates, but signing up to Steptember for a month makes sure I have a goal and a daily challenge to stick to.


I am also going to try cut down/cut out diary and gluten in my life. As a vegetarian who essentially survives off cheese, this will not be easy!! Even thinking of a life without halloumi fills me with dread! So I don’t want to cut gluten or dairy out completely, but I do want to cut down. I have already made changes by adding gluten free rice and pasta to our weekly shop and I will do my very best to cut down on cheese… I promise!

If anyone has any tips for recipes or exercises or any PCOS words of wisdom, please comment! Also, if you’d like To join me in doing this then I would love the support!

To follow my journey and to even join in with me, please follow me on Instagram at @thegoodineverydayblog

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