‘The Girl She Was Before’ has a TRAILER!

I literally cannot believe I am typing these words, but it’s true – ‘The Girl She Was Before’ has a trailer!

When the brilliant team at Kingsley Publishers sent this over to me, I couldn’t believe it. My book actually looks like a film!

Trailer: ‘The Girl She Was Before’ by Jess Kitching (released October 31st 2021)

Featuring snippets of videos that hint at the plot, not to mention reviews from readers who have had an advanced copy, this trailer is everything I imagined and so much more.

To see so many years of hard work and effort come to this is just incredible. I cannot thank everyone who has supported me along the way enough, or the team at Kingsley Publishers.

Please let me know your thoughts on the trailer – I can’t wait to hear them!

Want to pre-order a Kindle copy? Then click here (paperback pre-orders coming soon!)

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