Time to Speak Up

Last week, instead of posting my usual content on Instagram, I shared my thoughts and feelings on the violence women around the world face.

With the murder of Sarah Everard in the UK and parliamentary rape allegations in Australia, this conversation is (rightly) at the forefront of most media outlets. About time, I’d say.

For too long, women have been silenced. We’ve been told we were asking for it, that we need to lighten up, that it was just a bit of harmless fun. We’ve been mocked, threatened, manipulated, blamed. To see a global army of women standing together and readdressing that narrative is something I feel truly humbled to be a part of.

Below are the posts I shared on my social media channels. I wanted to add them to this website for people to read, think about and inspire others to join us in saying ‘enough is enough’.

You can find these posts and more by following me on Instagram at @jesskitchingwrites

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