Self Isolation Skin – Which Camp Did You Fall Into?

For most Australia, restrictions are being lifted. Life now looks a lot more like ‘real life’ – restaurants are open, places of work are reopening, we can see friends. Social distancing still applies, but this is the most ‘normal’ things have been in a long time.

On the one hand it’s great, but on the other it’s a little intimidating. Reality looks different than I remember, my time is no longer completely my own and I need to restart routines from my ‘old’ life.

One of those is my beauty routine.

I feel like people split into either one of two camps in isolation – the made up and the bare. Some people maintained makeup application to keep a sense of normality in the chaos whereas others went full force with how mother nature intended them to be.


I belonged to the latter. I was team ‘let my skin breathe’. I wore mascara sometimes, but for the most part I was completely barefaced.

In a way, having this ‘all natural’ time has been great. I previously wrote an article questioning if society had forgotten what real skin looks like because so often we see an airbrushed version of it. Having this time to be completely barefaced or wear minimal makeup has been refreshing to see what my skin is like.

It breaks out sometimes. It’s a fan of a face mask. It doesn’t need a lot of moisturiser. It’s red in places. Oh, and it’s got a birthmark.

My history with accepting my birthmark is well documented, but isolation was a time to work on that even more.

I truly believe my skin positive attitude grew in this time. Despite the odd moment of insecurity and negative self talk, for the most part I looked in the mirror and liked what I saw.

It wasn’t just how I saw myself that improved, but how I interacted with the world that did too. The apprehension of other people’s thoughts and comments wasn’t there. I went for walks, to the shop and even taught online without a hint of makeup. Sure I was interacting with people or in public less than usual, but it was nice to go about my business without panicking that someone might be looking or wanting to comment about my birthmark.

For me, that’s an achievement. Even during my most skin positive times in the past, I’d feel heightened insecurity when I was out of the house or have the occasional wobble every few days.

I’m damn proud of treating myself better these last few weeks. Birthmarked, freckled, pink… my skin is all me and it’s the way it’s meant to be.

That being said, I am looking forward to getting back to wearing makeup again. I wore lipstick for the first time in weeks the other day and felt amazing! Sometimes you just need a little pick me up and makeup is great at providing that.

A lipstick colour pop!

However you have looked in isolation, I hope you’ve got through it okay. I hope you leave it feeling like you love the skin you’re in, just the way it is. You might not look like the people in magazines, but the people in magazines don’t look like that, not really.

No one’s skin is completely perfect, but it’s unique to them. If that doesn’t make it perfect in its own way then I really don’t know what does.

What was your self isolation look?

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