Illustration Roundup – Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Tell It How It Is

Have you been keeping up to date with Sisterhood Illustration this week?!

I’ve shared a range of posts, all that are sure to start a conversation. But you know what? Some of those conversations need to be had.

It’s really easy to shy away from difficult topics or to be unaware of the struggles other people face, but sometimes the best thing we can do is wake up to the injustices we see in the world.

It’s not right that women are given less opportunities than men or paid less for doing the same role.

It’s not right that men who are just being dads are told they’re babysitting or applauded for fulfilling their child’s basic needs. Parenting isn’t a female phenomenon and I know many dad’s who feel just as insulted by this ‘babysitting’ wording as women do.

It’s not right that strangers on the internet feel like they can comment on and criticise others.

It’s not right that in 2020 some people still feel like we can tell other people who they are supposed to be.

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