Has Your Appearance Changed in Isolation? That’s Okay!

It’s well documented on this website that when I started working from home, my appearance changed. I gained weight. How could I not – I went from teaching 34 children to racing around Australia travelling to sitting at a desk and writing all day. My life and the way I lived it completely changed overnight.

That’s happening to many people around the world right now.

Our lives have been totally tipped upside down. We might be eating differently because we can’t find the food we usually eat or because we need the comfort of ‘junk’ food now more than ever. We might be exercising less because we can’t go to the gym or participate in classes. We might be lacking the motivation to do the things we usually do. We might not see the point in waking up and applying makeup or styling our hair.

And do you know what? That’s okay.

I’ve seen so many posts telling people that they need to use this time to learn a new skill or overhaul their image. I’ve also seen so many posts being snarky about people who are taking this time to challenge them self to try something new. Frankly, it’s exhausting. Who’d have thought that there would be a ‘right’ way to live when the world gets turned on its head?

Right now for many people just getting through the day is taking up the most of their energy. They can’t take on a new skill, start a diet or exercise full time. There should be no guilt or shame in that.

To put it simply, right now we are all just surviving the best we can.

So your appearance might change. You might gain weight. You might lose weight. You might be finding the extra time to focus on exercising. Your usually strict routine might have flipped and weight might have crept on – that’s okay. You’re still you. You’re still valid, bigger or smaller.

For me personally, my skin has changed with what’s going on in the world.


I’ve had more breakouts than normal. It’s usually only one or two spots at a time, but they’re appearing more frequently than normal. I feel my skin looks dull and flat. I seem to have permanent glasses marks etched into the sides of my nose.

Is this the best I’ve ever looked? No, not even close. But it’s how I look at the moment. It’s how I’m getting through the day right now, and that’s fine by me.

If you spend self isolation giving yourself an image overhaul, good for you. If you spend it hibernating, snacking and simply surviving, good for you too. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. You don’t have to ‘change your life’, pursue a passion project, innovate, overhaul or become a ‘new person’ in this time.

You’ve just got to get through it however you can.

So I guess this is just a message to say whatever you’re doing, however you’re looking – you’re doing great.

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