56 Inspirational Stories Shared

Friday is usually the day I share interviews, but I wanted to reflect this week about the interviews I have done in the past.

I have shared 56 interviews with the world. 56 amazing, inspiring stories. 56 women who were bold and brave enough to open up about their toughest or proudest moment. 56 women who shared their story with the intentions of helping or inspiring someone else. 56 women who used their voice with pride.

From talking about overcoming cancer to body image struggles to founding worldwide organisations to mental health to sibling loss to chronic illness, these interviews have covered a wide range of subjects. They have touched many people’s lives. They have helped people in their darkest moments and reminded them that they aren’t alone when they’ve needed that support. They’ve united people in their experiences, educated people in the plight of others. They have given voice to issues we don’t always talk about but should.

Some interviews have made me cry. Some have made me want to take on the world. Some have inspired me to open up to others, to push myself, to think before I act.

But all have made me think. All have made me feel.

I am incredibly proud of the 56 women who have shared their story with me. I am humbled and honoured that they chose me to be the one to help their voice reach a new audience. Of all the writing I have done, these interviews are the thing that fill me with the most pride.

Throughout history, women have been silenced. We have been oppressed. Our stories have been taken from us and told by others. The physical pain we feel has been dismissed as hysteria by medical professionals. The tears we have cried have been shrugged off as hormones or ‘that time of the month’. The anger we have felt about the injustices we have faced has left us being called crazy, irrational and unhinged. The times we have gone for what we have wanted has resulted in us being mislabelled as a bossy, aggressive bitch.

But no more.

These interviews are a way of taking back control over our voice. They are a way for us to share our stories and to have them heard.

It’s true what they say – we rise by lifting others. So share your story, open up, use your experiences to help someone else. We’re all in this together and we will rise to the top together.

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