Which Chick-Flick Guy is the Ultimate Crush?

I can’t help it – I love a good chick flick. I know they’re cheesy and full of stereotypes and often reinforce negative ideas about relationships and gender roles, but I love the easy watching nature and I’m a sucker for a happy ending. I can quote Bridget Jones backwards, I well up every time I see the locker room scene in A Cinderella Story and just thinking of Love Actually makes my heart soar.

There are so many chick flicks… and so many male leads that are just a little bit terrible.

I know the whole point of films like Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Maid of Honour is that the guy learns about himself and love and changes his flawed character for the woman, but I can’t help but have a niggling feeling that those films just reinforce the idea that it’s okay for a man to be toxic towards you because he will change… one day… when he is visited by three ghosts at his brother’s wedding… and has slept with half of New York first…

I don’t know about you, but for me that narrative needs to change a little! So I thought I’d take another look at the chick flicks I know and love and decide on the ultimate chick flick crush, the person who is just a solidly decent, stand up guy, the type of man that we should all be swooning over.

For the purpose of this article, looks are not a factor. My ultimate chick flick crush is decided purely on their decency and how they treat their leading lady.

So, my aware for ultimate chick flick crush goes to… Brian Mckenzie from Father of the Bride!

This 90s classic is one of my favourite films anyway because it’s simply brilliant, but looking at it through a modern lens really makes you appreciate the new main man in Annie’s life. Looks wise, he is not my cup of tea at all, but here are a few of my reasons why Brian takes the top spot:

  1. He is respectful and supportive of Annie’s career. He is so complimentary of her work and in the sequel he unquestioningly supports Annie’s brilliant career opportunity resulting in the family moving to Boston even though they have a newborn and their family support network is in California.
  2. He isn’t afraid to show his emotions. When he and Annie get into a fight, Brian shows up at her house in tears. He then goes for a drink with her father and is visibly upset and emotional, never once acting ‘cool’ or being ashamed of how much he loves their daughter.
  3. He works hard for what he has. In so many films, the main man is a play boy, someone with either a fast paced, ruthless career or someone who got lucky enough to float about life and therefore thinks he can sleep with whoever he wants. Brian works hard, doesn’t sponge off of Annie and travels the world for his job (so much so that he almost misses the birth of his first child!)
  4. He likes that Annie’s a feminist and passionate about women’s rights. After the whole blender debacle when Annie misunderstands his gift to her, he is inconsolable. He tells her father that one of the things he loves most about her is how fiery and passionate she is. A chick flick with a partner that encourages emotions like that is rare.
  5. He makes an effort with her parents. Even if we all go through a stage where we pretend we love a ‘bad body’, everyone wants their parents to like their partner, right? Brian goes to the house for family dinners, he plays basketball with them, he addresses her parents’ respectfully… what more could you ask for from your potential partner?
  6. He never lets Annie doubt his feelings towards her. The man quite clearly dotes on Annie in every scene. When he first meets Annie’s parents, he tells them how much he loves their daughter. It’s refreshing to see a romantic lead that isn’t making the female lead second guess how he feels about her and is secure in putting himself and his feelings out there.

So there you have it – my team Brian list! His floppy hair might not be your cup of tea, but I’m sure you’ll agree that he’s actually a pretty stand up guy and someone I’m sure all dads would be happy their daughter brought home.

Who is your ultimate chick flick crush?

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