Feeling Overwhelmed? Then Read This

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, the internet is either a wonderful or a terrible place to spend your time.

The internet allows you to connect with people and check that they are okay. There’s an abundance of resources on there to help keep us fit, entertained and learning. Thanks to the internet, we’re up to date with what is happening everywhere. We can see videos of people smiling, dancing and laughing, all of which remind us that in and amongst the fear and uncertainty is love.

The internet is also the place that is full of scare mongering facts. Hearsay gets shared and shared again until it becomes terrifying ‘truths’. Some people proudly broadcast that they’re still living their ‘best life’ in isolation, adding to the insecurity of people who are just trying to make it through each day. Trolling seems to be on the rise. There’s anger over celebrities complaining that they’re bored in their million dollar mansions with every resource at their fingertips whilst ‘real’ people have lost their jobs or have to go to work even though it’s dangerous.

The internet is great, but the world at your fingertips is overwhelming at the best of times, never mind in the middle of a global pandemic. Sometimes it just feels like it’s too much.

Yesterday I didn’t look online all day. I shut my phone and my iPad in another room and ignored everyone and everything that’s going on.

And do you know something? That’s okay.


There are so many well meaning people out there right now telling us that this is a great time to pause and to reconnect with ourselves. They want us to take this time to learn something new and go for our dreams. They fire information at us until we are overloaded with support. I should know because I was one of those people. My article on self isolation tips was written to be helpful and offer a lifeline to anyone who was struggling.

But sometimes we don’t want to be helped. Sometimes we just want to wallow.

That’s not to say that helpful content or funny videos or group chats are not great because they are, but so is stepping away from it all. A break is needed sometimes. Stillness is needed sometimes.

It’s okay if you feel like you need to drown out the noise of the world. It’s louder than ever right now – how could that not be overwhelming?

Things are terrifying. No one really knows what to do other than to stay home if and when you can. We’re scared. The future we’ve all been working towards has changed and no one knows what it will look like. I personally had a job I loved and had started wedding planning. My work is now closed and my wedding is on hold. For someone who has always worked and has always been able to save for a big end goal like a wedding, this change is tough.

What I’m trying to say is that there is no ‘perfect’ way to exist right now. We are all just getting through each day and doing the best we can, and do you know what? That’s fine. That’s good enough.

So if the stack of messages in your inbox intimidates you, don’t reply yet. If you don’t feel like sharing photos of what you’re doing at home, don’t. If social media is only making you feel bad for not changing your life completely in this time, avoid it. Switch off from the world if you need to. Do whatever you need to do to survive.

I’m trying to use my social media for a bit of fun right now, including doing daily polls on Instagram. If you want to join in, head to @jesskitchingwrites

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