Quirky Things To Do in Magical Melbourne

A few days ago, Jack and I got back from a wonderful long weekend away in Melbourne. We completely fell in love with the place! It’s like Sydney’s cooler, edgier sibling. Less clean and ‘pretty’, but beautiful in it’s own way. The art scene, food and nightlife make Melbourne feel alive and I couldn’t recommend visiting there enough.

For anyone planning a visit and looking for a few different things to do, I thought I’d write a list of spots that might not make your usual ‘top’ list of things to do.

1. The Queen Victoria Markets.

These are apparently a Melbourne institution and I can see why. There are your usual ‘tourist friendly’ stalls selling all sorts of Australian merchandise, but then there are stalls selling quirky homewares, creative prints and handmade items. Plus there is an incredible food market selling fresh produce at prices that make you blink. $1 mangoes? SOLD!


2. The Vegie Bar, Fitzroy


As a vegetarian, I usually find restaurants either offer me a standard pizza, a half hearted veggie burger or a no-effort-at-all salad, but the Vegie Bar had a menu of food that sounded, looked and smelled incredible. We both had noddle dishes, both of which were simply stunning. Decent prices, a buzzing atmosphere and food so good you didn’t want to share it, it is a must visit!

It’s also in Fitzroy, a great place to window shop and mosey around for a few hours.


3. Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

After 8.30, this arcade turns into an adults only fun zone. You can have cocktails, play the games and become big kids again. The dodge ‘ems were my favourite in this perfect date night spot!


4. Melbourne’s Luna Park

I understand that Luna Park isn’t to everyone’s taste (and I do think the Sydney one is a little better…) but I couldn’t not put it on the list simply because I loved it. Located in beautiful St Kilda just off the main beach (another great day out spot!), Melbourne’s Luna Park has all the fun and rides you would need. Just ignore the terrifying face on the way in and you’ll have a great time…


5. Take a wander down the side streets and discover something new!

Melbourne is famous for it’s side streets that might look like nothing at first glance but are actually full of incredible restaurants, quirky bars and seriously cool artwork. Finding these hidden gems became a bit of a game for us. I’ve been wanting to see the Mark Hoppus clown piece for ages… and I did!

Whilst you’re there, why not stay at Peppers on Docklands? We had a great stay there and really loved the cute little touches that made the place stand out amongst the crowd. My favourite thing has to be the dressing gowns – I’ve never had a hotel robe be so soft!!

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