2019: Highlights of My First Year In Australia

With 2020 only a few hours away, I wanted to post an overview of my 2019. Whilst there have been some definite lows this year, there have also been some of the most incredible highs. I end 2019 living in one of the most incredible cities in the world with my wonderful fiancé by my side and having achieved my goal of writing for a living this year. Spending New Year’s Eve with my parents who I have missed more than they will ever know and my Aussie family makes it even better, too!

My list is a compilation of some of the wonderful things I have seen, done and learnt this year. Enjoy!

1. Best place I have travelled to – this is a hard one because I have seen so many wonderful sights around Australia this year, but the white sand of Hyams Beach will always be pretty special to me.


2. Biggest lesson I have learned – the best friends you have aren’t necessarily the people you have known the longest. Meeting new friends in Australia and moving away from friends from home has really shown me the value of friendship and who are those people who will be in my life no matter what.

3. Best experience – seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short live has been my favourite show/experience. It felt like a real bucket list, once in a lifetime moment and I will always be so grateful I got to experience it.

4. Proudest moment – the first time I had a piece of writing published. After dreaming of it for so long and finally having the courage to write, seeing my work in print or on a website because someone else liked it enough to include it in their work made me so proud of myself and how far I have come.

5. Final 2019 takeaway
 – I am stronger than I think. There have been many wobbly, lonely, scared moments for me this year, but I have got through them all. I want to take that strength and resilience into 2020 and keep building on it.

So there you have it, my 2019 roundup. I know for some people, 2019 has been horrific. I know for others it’s been the best year of their life. However your 2019 was, I wish you all the best for the new year.

How has your 2019 been?

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