Simple Self Care Tips To Have You Smiling In No Time

There’s so much talk these days about self care that sometimes even the idea of relaxing seems stressful. I used to be one of those people who thought ‘self care? When do I have time for that?!’ I’d come home from a long day at work and have social plans that I felt obliged to go to, dinner to cook, chores to do, messages to respond to and so on until it was time to get into bed so I could wake up the next day and do it all over again.

Thankfully, I have learnt that making time for myself is as important as making time for others.

I thought I’d compile a list of some of the simple I things do that make me feel like I have taken care of myself for anyone in need of a few self care tips!

1. Go for a walk. Never underestimate the power of fresh air and being out in the ‘real world’ – working from home has taught me how important this is for wellbeing.

2. Put on a face mask. Face masks are so underrated. They force you to sit with your thoughts because you can’t talk a lot or they will slip, they have to be on for 20 minutes which is a good amount of relaxation time AND they are a treatment that makes you look and feel refreshed afterwards… what’s not to love?!

3. Read a book. There is nothing more relaxing than delving into another world. Even if you only read a chapter, that time spent with your mind elsewhere is like hitting a huge reset button.


4. Watch a film or TV show. Similar to a book, this short break of escapism is sometimes all you need to unwind.

5. Eat! My snack is either something really healthy that I know I will feel good for having afterwards or a treat like a takeaway or some chocolate that let’s me have a moment of indulgence.

6. Keep a journal/diary. I’m a writer, so words are kind of my ‘thing’, but even those of you who aren’t into writing might find that getting what’s in your head down on paper calms you down.

7. Listen to some music. I have different Spotify playlists for different moods and I listen to them accordingly. I have one for when I want pumping up, one when I want to feel nostalgic and another for time to sit with my sadness. Listening to appropriate music and daydreaming helps me process my feelings.

8. Take a nap. I’m a big believer in sleep. Sometimes, a power hour makes all the difference between a good mood and a bad one!

9. Turn OFF your phone. These days it seems like we have to be online at all times, but I find that putting my phone down and having a night away from the demands of replying, liking and scrolling improves my mood the most.

10. Look through old photos. I don’t know if it’s just because I have moved country and am not around the people I grew up with, but looking through old photos and reminiscing always cheers me up.

There are many, many other ways to practise self care, but I find that these are the best and easiest ones to do at home that have the most impact. I hope they help!

What does self care look like for you?

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