A Summertime Christmas in Australia

When you think of Christmas, what do you think of?

I think of frosty mornings and cosy pyjamas, of hot chocolate, of opening presents by a roaring fire. I think of the magic of watching Christmas films under a blanket, of hats and scarves and gloves. I think of being surrounded by friends and family. I think of comfort, of warmth.

Now I have moved to Australia, my vision of Christmas will have to change. December is the start of summer. The days are (mostly) sunny. You don’t want to sit under a blanket watching films – you want to get out into the world and explore! When I have been here for Christmas before, we have been to the beach or in a swimming pool on Christmas Day. There are no blankets, no fires, just lots of suncream, sunshine and smiles.


This year will be a new type of Christmas. For starters, Jack and I will finally spend it together (last year I was in San Francisco, he was in England). My parents will be staying with us, but Jack’s family will be in England. The mere idea of a hot chocolate by the fire makes me sweat. It’s going to be more of an ice cream by the beach kind of affair.

Everything I associate with Christmas isn’t going to happen. There are still Christmas trees around and Christmas markets, but there’s something about seeing a toy koala wearing a scarf that’s a little jarring.

That’s not to say that we aren’t excited for Christmas in Australia. I mean, it’s Christmas and I live in one my most favourite places in the world, what’s not to be excited about?! But this Christmas is going to be a little different, that’s all.


I thought I would share my experience of a Christmas in summer with everyone. It’s always nice to see how different people live, right?

Should you want to find out what a summertime Christmas is like, I will be posting photos everyday on my Instagram of an Aussie Christmas. To see more, you can follow me at @thegoodineverydayblog.

Merry Christmas everyone! Whether yours is sunny, rainy, snowy or cloudy, I hope it’s a brilliant one!

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