Detoxing from Detox Teas and Diet Culture

I was 25 the last time I considered buying a ‘slimming’, ‘detox’ tea.

I worked as primary school teacher. I had a degree and a PGCE. I was in a loving, stable relationship. I had great friends and a great family. I was about to head off travelling America and Australia, my lifelong dream… and I still was tempted to buy one of those teas in the promise that it would make me ‘thinner’, that I would have a flat tummy in a week, that I would be ‘perfect’ if I drank it.

I didn’t know that the teas were essentially just laxatives. I didn’t know, or admittedly even think of, the impact on my health – I just wanted to be thinner, something that it promised it could do quickly.

A lot of time the media focuses on the impact that adverts for these products have on teenagers, but it’s not just teenagers who are susceptible to the pressures of looking ‘perfect’. I am now 26 and, even though I now have a much better sense of self love than I once did, I still have days where I wobble. I have had a discussion about weight, weight loss and image with every single one of my friends. I have cried before going out because I didn’t like the way I looked. I have studied my body in front of mirrors in disdain. I have given up on a shopping trip if I can’t fit into the size of clothing I usually can.

It’s incredibly sad to think of those times. It’s upsetting to think that I was more than happy to drink something that I didn’t know the ingredients or the effects of just because I wanted to look different to who I was.

I don’t think the ‘influencers’ who promote, or used to promote thanks to people’s work on not allowing these products to be advertised on social media, really consider the impact of what they are doing when they post those photos. A company offers them a ludicrous amount of money to pretend that their abs came from drinking a drink and they do it. They don’t admit to the surgeons, the photoshop, the personal trainers… they tell us it’s all down to a magic drink.

I knew looking at the photos that those teas didn’t fix everything. I knew that, I knew there was more to it… but on down, self doubting days I still wanted to buy the tea. I wanted to look different, to be different.

I’m so glad Jack talked me out of it. I’m so glad I took a step back and looked at the product, at the way I was speaking to myself. I’m so glad I snapped out of it. I’m so glad that I have never bought or drank a detox tea in my life.


If I could go back in time to a year ago when I was considering buying one of those teas, I would tell myself that I don’t need it, that the image they are selling is a lie, that I am perfect just as I am.

There’s no tea that can make you a better person, no drink that can make you happy in yourself. Those things come with time, effort and work, but they’re worth it.

Save your money and buy yourself something else, something worth it, something that won’t make you spend the day on the toilet!

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