Australia’s Best Kept Secret

I haven’t done a travel or update on Aussie life post in a while so, since we got back from the most perfect long weekend away on Sunday, I thought I would do one for anyone wanting to know about one of Australia’s hidden gems.

Whenever Jack and I have spoken to Australians about where to go away, Jervis Bay comes up first. With beautiful beaches, clear water and the whitest sands in Australia, it’s the place they apparently don’t want tourists knowing about.

We went for a long weekend and I can see why they’d want to keep it to themselves!

To put it simply – it is stunning. The beaches are out of this world. I have never seen sand as white or water as clear. There are plenty of beaches that make up Jervis Bay, the most popular beach being Hyams Beach (photographed below). It was as peaceful as it looks.


Another popular beach in Murray’s Beach. This too has dazzling white sand and crystal clear waters. It was here that Jack and I both went for a swim, something I haven’t done here in Australia yet (as much as I love the beach, I’m a little terrified of the sea!)


We were warned by our hosts that Hyams Beach might be a little busy as it’s the most popular beach but there were only about 4 or 5 other groups of people there. We went on a Friday in November so no school holidays might explain some of the quietness, but it was blissful and serene and I would go back an a heartbeat.

All of the beaches were like that – beautiful, quiet and so incredibly relaxing. For serenity and idyllic beauty, Hyams pipped Murray’s to the post as my favourite beach. Walking on that heavenly sand was probably the most relaxed I have felt in a very long time!


We drove through the National Park to get to Murray’s Beach, paying for a 2 day pass which allowed us access to all of the beaches and the botanical gardens. It was definitely worth it and I’d recommend anyone going to explore the National Park and everything in it.

In terms of accomodation, we stayed in a lovely studio apartment called B&B by the Beach. It was owned by the wonderful Greg and Jan who gave us lots of insider knowledge and recommendations. The property was clean and had everything we needed for a 2 night stay (including robes – I love a good robe!), plus it had direct access to a small beach just outside the property. From there we watched the sunset.


We cooked at the apartment so didn’t eat out, but there was a long list of places to eat provided by Jan and Greg and a selection of takeaway menus to choose from should you wish to. Huskisson was probably the biggest place nearby, somewhere we stopped for an ice cream and a wander.

Tips For Making The Trip Extra Special

On the drive from Sydney, we stopped off in Berry, a cute, historic looking town. On the way back to Sydney, we stopped in Kiarma and saw the lighthouse and the blowhole. Both locations are great to stop off to stretch your legs and see something new, plus they both have AMAZING gift shops.

For anyone who enjoys a scenic route, do the Grand Pacific Drive, a coastal drive with some of the most stunning views I have seen during my time here. Whilst the route takes a little longer, it is definitely worth it.

On another note, if you go to the National Park, watch out for snakes – we saw one on the road and one on the path next to us in the botanical gardens. This was my first time seeing a snake in the wild and I won’t lie, I was a bit freaked out!

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